Topher’s sets are Tech-House, Progressive and Electro, enriched by his record library rarities...

Born in July 68 on the French Riviera, Topher bathes in music since his younger age with his grand fathers both musicians. 
Disco music invades radio waves and when he sees Saturday Night Fever, he’s ten and he puts 5 spotlights and a disco ball in his bedroom to make it look like a discotheque. He buys his first disco compilations and maxi vinyl (Earth Wind & Fire, Patrick Hernandez, Sylvester…).

He changes his plastic turntable for a second hand Hi-Fi Stereo system with his first mixer.
He’s too young to go to the clubs but his radio pick up Italians broadcasts (Rete 105) specialised on « special clubs » versions, he’s very interested in dance charts and more in synthetic pop music (Depeche Mode, Visage, Soft Cell, Yello, Kraftwerk, Vangelis…).
In the early 80’s, his trips to U.K. make him discover the sounds and the universe of Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel, he plays and mixes Giorgio Moroder and John Carpenter soundtracks as well as Prince, The Sugarhill Gang and The Grand Master Flash.

1983, with Herbie Hancock’s « Rock It » he discovers Break-dance and Electro that he’s going to medley with Funk and Dance music. He’s training to mix and make montages with his tape recorder for his friend’s birthday parties.
Topher’s a teenager when he starts to go out in Nice’s Batcave parties, where we dance on Gothic, New Wave and Electro Punk music. He listens to Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, The Sisters of Mercy and mixes Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Anne Clark, A Split Second…

1988, Topher collects Depeche Mode and New Order maxi singles, he prefers E.B.M. music than New Beat, but it’s in England that he discovers House music in Camden Palace parties and where he finds his House from Chicago records. Acid-House parties spread over France, he goes out to Pyramid et Limelight parties between Nice and Cannes but real Rave parties are happening around Paris.

1992, arrived in Paris, he discovers Rave Parties with after at the Palace (Kit Kat) and the choice of the techno music shop… So he turns toward Acid Trance, Transcore and Progressive sounds then Psychedelic Trance around 1995.
DJ Ricky invites Topher as a guest in his broadcast on Radio FG « Le Manège Enchanté » for two sets live of 1 hour (Psychedelic & Progressive Trance).

1997, he becomes resident at the Gobelet d’Argent, bar near the Halles in Paris where he’s named DJ L-ium (like helium) for his sets that lift you up. He mixes for the Techno Parade and in the clubs around the city.
In parallel, he’s making soundtracks for the shows of the singer Judy Cehm.

1998, he’s resident of House et Techno parties at « Le Blue Eyes » discotheque in Dreux.;
he mixes with DJ Roussia in Toulouse and in Parisians happenings :
- music festivals for 3 years at the Ile aux Cygnes and Tino Rossi Gardens
(with Joti Sidhu, X Dream, Mike de Juno Reactor, Hilight Tribe, Dino Psaras…) ;
- for the school of landscape gardners annual party in Versailles ;
- first part of Nina Hagen’s live at Studio 287.

He keeps on making soundtrack and creates 3 techno remixes of Beethoven’s opera for the "Théâtre de la comédie de Béthune" (Fantasy about Don Juan by Molière and Milosz). He remixes Brigitte Bardot song « La Madrague » especially for the fashion show of the swimsuit mark at Les Bains in Paris.
For Utram he creates a sample for the website animated logo, he mixes at their private parties and in the "Salle Méditerranée" of the Carlton Hotel during the Film Festival in Cannes with a quadraphonic sound and a 360° multi-screen concept.
He also accompanies the video performance of Lavomatic at the Glazart.

2001, as he doesn't play Trance music any more he decides to change his DJ name for Topher. His music and experience let him play in several private parties for Utram (with Bettie Page, Laurent Ho, Radium…) and BPM4 parties in Marseille from 2002 to 2003 (with Bruce Le Koala, Stephane d'Elisium, Miss Anacor...) and also at Workshop afterparty (Bruxelles) for 6 hours of Progressive House.
He meets Nicolas Nucci when he's invited to mix at Friday Party in Paris (2003) that will organise a Drive party on the boat Le Quai with Topher as a guest and after his famous Progress! Regularly (2004 to 2007).

Now, he plays regularly at Fly (BXL), Boots (Anvers) & Full Metal (Paris)

He creates his own tracks and remixes since 1995 but never released yet:
- L-ium - Humanoïds 1995 
- L-ium - King of the Serpents 1995 
- L-ium - Overflow 1996 
- Björk - Pluto [L-ium’s plutomix] 1997
- Paul Van Dyk - Emergency [Topher's Urgent Remix] 1998
- The Creatures - 2nd Floor [L-ium vocal remix & dub] 1999 
- Topher - It’s Magic 2000
- Madonna - Ray Of Light [Topher puts the Light in Orbit] 2000
- Topher - More Music 2002
- Topher feat. Judy Cehm - 7e Ciel 2003 
- Topher - Music Travel 2004 
- Topher feat. Judy Cehm – Fed Up 2004 
- Topher - Automat X [Machine Remix] 2004

Always in harmony with his public, he shares his good vibrations along his pumping sets full of surprises.




- Radio FG (1995, Le Manège Enchanté)
- Gobelet d’Argent (Resident, 1997, Paris)
- Blue Eyes (Resident, 1998, Dreux)
- Studio 287 (1998, 1ère partie du concert privé de Nina Hagen, Paris)
- Festival du film (2000, Hôtel Carlton, Cannes)
- BPM4 (2002/2003, Marseille)
- Drive (2003, Le Quai, Paris)
- After Efémère (2003, Marseille)
- After Workshop (2004, Brussels)
- Progress! (Resident,2005/2007 La Scène Bastille , Paris)
- After Bazar (2006, Brussels)
- Naughty (Resident, 2006/2009 Brussels)
- La Boum à Nucci (Les Bains Douches, 2007, Paris)
- Splash (Les Bains Douches, 2007, Paris)
- Maximale (Les Bains Douches, 2007, Paris)
- SIGL (Les Bains Douches, 2007, Paris)
- Le Lust ( 2007, Marseille)
- Dolly Party (Odace, 2007, Nice)
- Le Klub (2007/2010, Nice)
- european Beardrop (Dépot, Mix Club, La Loco, Divan du Monde, 2008/2009/2010/2012 Paris)
- Hi Hotel (2008, Nice)
- Hey Men ! (La Scène Bastille, 2008, Paris)
- After What Else (Gibus Club, 2008, Paris)
- Private In Paris (La Scènes Bastilles, 2008, Paris)
- Météo (La Loco, 2008, Paris)
- Absolutely Flawess (Happydayzz Venue, 2008, Hollande)
- The Sound Of Miami (Oostende, 2008, Belgique)
- Night Control (2009, Cologne) - Collon Control (Starz, 2009, Cologne)
- Le Glam (Nice, 2009/2010)
Red & Blue (2009/2010, Anvers)
- Mecx  (2010, Paris)

- Switch (4 elements, 2010, 2011 Paris)

- The Boots - Sneakers, A Hard Night, Hardon, 69 Degrees, (2010, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, Anvers)
- Mezzo Giorno (2009/2011, Anvers)
- Cock-Pit (Bears Pride edition @ After Watersall, 2011, Cologne)

- Intox & Hunkut (Steelgate, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, Brussels)

- Full Fetish & Rage (Leatherpride @ Petrol Club & Hangar 29, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2019, Anvers)
- Darklands (Leatherpride @ Hangar 29, 2013, 2014, Anvers)
- Bear Necessity (Odéon, 2012, Amsterdam)
- Carte Blanche @ Café COX Bar (2012, 2013, Paris)

- Scream (Resident - Scream Club , 2012, 2013, 2014, Paris)

- After Wake Up - After Rouge (Resident -Théatre Rouge, 2012, 2013, 2014, Paris)
- Sex Beat (Resident - Full Metal, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, Paris)
- Green Koom (Nachtflug, 2013, Cologne)
- Sextravagance (Nation Club, 2013, Bruxelles)
- Kitkat (Addict Club, 2014, Paris)
- Xteme! (Essigfabrik, 2014, 2018, Cologne Pride)
- Fly (Bloody Louis, Mirano Continental, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, Brussels)

- Revelation (Bazaar, 2015, Brussels)

- HIM + FLY (Noxx, 2015, Anvers)
- A Hard Night (Petrol Club, Club Industria, 2015, 2018, Anvers Pride)
- Rave Line (Studio 210 , 2016, Paris)

- Invasion (Fetish Pride Edt. Undercurrent, 2017, 2018, Amsterdam)

- After Ma Soeur (Gibus Club, 2017, Paris)

- Cave (Bario café, Steelgate, 2018, 2019, Bruxelles)




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